Mandatory Documents

  1. Registration Certificate
  2. Bylaws & List of Committee Members
  3. NOC (Graduation Level) year 2004
  4. Recognition (Graduation Level) year 2004
  5. NOC (Graduation Level) year 2007
  6. Recognition (Graduation Level) year 2007
  7. Approval by University to run classes (Graduation Level)
  8. Permanent Recognition
  9. Cetification by UGC
  10. NOC for Subjects in MA
  11. Recognition (MA)
  12. Approval by University to run Classes for MA
  13. Certificates for Three Years for Non-Cheating examination
  14. List of Books in LIbrary - Subject wise
  15. Khtauni of College Land
  16. Cash Deposited to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University, Faizabad
  17. Certificate of Land use by Tahsildar (Click here to see Najari Naksha)
  18. List of Faculty Members details
  19. List of Employees & their details
  20. Allotted Seats at Graduation Level
  21. Allotted Seats at PG Level (For HIndi & Sociology) - 81 seats in each subject
  22. Infrastructure (College Building, Administrative Office, Library, Computer Room, Laboratory - Geography & Home Science, Toilets - Ladies & Gents)
  23. Number of Students - Class wise
  24. Number of Rooms & their Capacities
  25. Results of Last Three Years (2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09)
  26. Results - Subject wise along with number of students
  27. Balance Sheet 2008
  28. Balance Sheet 2009
  29. Audit Report
  30. College PAN Number

New Additions

NCTE Letter of Grant of recognition for D.El.Ed. Course

BTC Affiliation Letter

Letter of intent prior to grant of recognition/permission for D.El.Ed. course under Clause 7(9) of the NCTE (Recognition Norms and Production) Regulation, 2009/reg.

Letters Of Auditor's Reports

Letters Of Book List 2011-2012

Letters Of hscgeograhba

Letters Of Lecture room details 11-12

Letters Of Anti Cheating nakal2009

Letters Of Anti Cheeting nakal2010

Letters Of Anti Cheating nakal2011

Letters Of Results 2009-2010-2011

Letters Of RSY 2010-11

Letters Of Student 2011-12

Letters Of Student result 9-10-11

Description of the Constructed Building/Laboratories & Equipements in Geography Lab

List of Equipments in Home Sc. Lab

Details of LIbrary & List of Books in Library

Details of the Land Available with College

Details of the Student who secured highest marks in College

Fee Structure

Last Year Result